Hunter ACC2 Decoder Controller

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Hunter ACC2 Decoder Controller 


Hunter's next-generation ACC2 Decoder controller provides powerful irrigation management and monitoring capabilities for complex commercial projects.

The ACC2 Decoder controller is specifically designed to manage Hunter ICD decoders on large projects, and is expandable to 225 stations. The controller offers extreme flexibility, with 32 independent programs, 10 start times, and a variety of overlapping, stacking, and management configurations.

The powerful Flow Manager takes full advantage of sophisticated irrigation designs, watering as much as possible in the shortest possible amount of time — up to 30 simultaneous solenoids (maximum 20 per output module) at user-specified flow rates.

The all-new design features a full-colour LCD display in a reversible facepack that operates all functions in either position, making field service a breeze. Finally, advanced features such as Flow Monitoring deliver fast diagnostics of abnormal flow conditions and accurate histories for up to six flow zones.

For the ultimate reliability in large-scale commercial irrigation management, the ACC2 Decoder controller is second to none.


Features - 

  • Number of stations:
  • 75, 150, or 225, for large projects
  • Up to 6 flow sensor inputs and 6 P/MV outputs
  • 32 automatic programs (10 start times each) for precise plant management
  • Block function to group stations and consolidate large systems
  • Built-in Solar Sync™ logic for smart water savings
  • Real-time flow monitoring detects and diagnoses leaks in up to 6 flow zones
  • Flow management optimises watering at safe velocities
  • High-visibility, full-colour display with reversible facepack
  • Conditional Response “if/then” programming for active responses to sensor inputs
  • User management password protection, with two levels of access
  • Optional plug-in communications modules for cloud or network control
  • Detailed alarm logs in plain language
  • Extreme service lightning protection
  • Easy Retrieve™ programming backup and restore
  • Non-Water Windows to inhibit accidental irrigation

For the ACC2 1, 2 or 4 station ICD decoders see link: ACC2 Decoders

For 1 or 2 station PILOT decoders see link: PILOT Decoders


 The Hunter ACC2 Wi-Fi Connection Module is compatible with the Hunter ACC2 Controller and offers an irrigation control platform for your ACC2 decoder controller. 

ACC2 Decoder by Wayne Seaman on Scribd


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